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沙巴体育APP uses multiple approaches to encourage and reinforce the ongoing 专业 development of its people’s talents. Our high-performance culture is fueled by the engagement and inclusion and diversity of our workforce’s array of experiences as well as their innate curiosity and desire to be lifelong learners.

沙巴体育APP encourages the creation of robust development plans and a healthy coaching relationship between employees and their managers. 我们鼓励所有人考虑改进技术的方法, 业务, and leadership capabilities for both their current role and any potential roles they may aspire to. Employees are expected to take responsibility for their growth and development plan, 需要时寻求支持, 利用工具和资源, 并不断地重新评估他们的需求和计划. Managers are accountable for supporting these efforts and role modeling leadership behaviors.

在所有地方,在所有位置, 格雷斯投资于我们的员工,以发展机会和能力.

Often the most valuable and lasting growth occurs not in the classroom, but in real work experiences. Employees are encouraged to apply a 70-20-10 rule of thumb—70 percent of learning from work/job experience; 20 percent coaching, 反馈, and peer mentoring; and 10 percent formal training—when planning their development and to work with their manager to identify real-world opportunities. 为了10%的传统发展, 有各种各样的业务, 专业, and leadership training available in the company's online learning center and through facilitated courses.

沙巴体育APP supports continuing education, including tuition reimbursement for eligible employees. 


绩效管理 is what enables us to strengthen our high-performance culture of mutual accountability, 建设性的对话, 以及持续的专业发展. Our 绩效管理 processes help us support each other in our shared goals of the company and individual success.

Our standard is for all 沙巴体育APP employees to receive formal performance reviews within our global 绩效管理 systems.


  1. 持续反馈和辅导:  forging relationships between employees and managers that are built on collaborative problem solving and improvement;
  2. 有效的绩效考核: consistent and reliable performance assessment differentiated across the team and based on each individual’s unique contribution;
  3. 职业发展: 致力于有意义的职业发展.

A 沙巴体育APP manager's responsibility in 绩效管理 includes helping employees become self-aware; helping employees develop their career interests and competencies; aligning 绩效管理 with 业务 strategies and plans; engaging with employees in dialogue about their performance throughout the year; sharing knowledge to help employees develop; and providing frequent 反馈 and coaching.

以保持我们全球团队的实力, 我们投资于我们的员工和文化,并成功地管理员工的表现. 本着持续改进的精神, 我们努力提高个人表现的标准, so we continue to meet the rising expectations of our customers and continuously outperform our competition.  满足这些期望对我们公司和个人都有好处. 


沙巴体育APP expects every employee to exhibit our Leadership Behaviors and embed this expectation in our hiring, 绩效管理, 继任规划过程:


  • 始终如一地达到目标并努力超越它们
  • Understands 业务 goals and seeks to align actions across 业务es and functions to deliver results
  • 实行综合经营管理,以集体成功为优先
  • 定义和改进产生结果所涉及的关键过程
  • Promotes effective and timely decision-making linked to the overall company objectives
  • 专注于平衡销售,收益和现金
  • Takes accountability to create and implement solutions that balance short term goals while preserving a strong strategic position
  • Has a positive attitude and drives oneself and others to meet objectives and timelines


  • 清楚地定义问题,并使用严格的事实分析和
  • 超越了显而易见的问题,并没有在第一个答案前止步
  • 探索所有富有成效的资源来寻找答案
  • 能否发现隐藏的问题并制定可行的计划来缓解障碍
  • Is seen as a balanced thought leader despite the conflicting demands of a situation
  • Understands the key end-to-end processes and systems and their impact on 业务 results


  • Provides challenging and 意义ful work with opportunities to develop a broad range of experiences
  • 设定明确的期望,让每个人都明白自己的角色
  • Empowers and supports individuals to maximize their contribution to our high-performance culture
  • 吸引、吸引、发展和保留优秀人才
  • 培养信任和团队合作
  • 理解沙巴体育APP价值模式和愿景,并鼓励他人实现它们
  • 将工作与更高的组织目标和原则联系起来
  • 及时承认有积极影响的优秀表现
  • Understands and leverages the value that a diverse organization contributes to well-informed solutions


  • 确定所有关键利益相关者,确保参与和包容
  • Provides information to others so the best decisions can be made with the information available
  • 简单有效地提供复杂的信息,以说服和激励行动
  • Creates a safe and structured environment for candid dialogue and encourages and listens to 反馈
  • 有效地沟通困难或有挑战性的信息


  • 不仅重视结果,也重视如何实现结果
  • Is self-aware and unafraid to show vulnerability and humility to build trust and inspire others
  • 有非凡的完整性, 包括深刻的使命感, 意义, 并愿意按照他们的核心价值观生活
  • 关心自己和同事的安全和福祉
  • 致力于彼此和我们的愿景
  • 有勇气开放并接受改变吗
  • 致力于终身学习和专业成长的心态
  • 创造超越自身的积极影响


在沙巴体育APP, 伟大的才能是由高水平的参与定义的, 强大的功能, 以及格雷斯员工不断增值的愿望. 全世界所有员工的总和, these qualities are essential for supporting our intense focus on delivering value to our customers and investors, 让沙巴体育APP成为每个人的理想工作场所. These qualities also are key criteria when we plan talent moves within the company, 制定员工发展决策, 选拔新员工加入我们公司. 每个员工对这些品质的个人表现都是独一无二的, 根据他们的生活经历, 视角, 和职业目标.

Actively welcoming and valuing every voice and perspective is an important part of making 沙巴体育APP a great place to work and strengthens our competitive advantage. 我们重视员工的个性和他们的独特贡献, 确保每个人都参与和参与, 积极地去寻求, 听到, 和尊重. 我们通过定期沙巴体育APP Engagement来衡量这一点 & Inclusion Survey and various pulse surveys, to ensure we are staying true to our intent. 这些调查是统计每一个声音的一种方式, with the results cascading through the organization to the smallest team in which members can still retain their anonymity. The manager and team then collaborate to understand the 反馈 and produce targeted action plans. 







为所有的沙巴体育APP 产品和服务查询 包括:

  • 吸附剂
  • 催化剂和添加剂
  • 精细化工/定制生产
  • 二氧化硅
  • 安全数据表


对所有 non-product相关调查 包括:

  • 职业生涯
  • 社区与社会责任
  • 企业沟通
  • 媒体关系
  • 环境、健康和安全(EHS)
  • 供应商及供应商意见书